4 Ways to Turn That Golf Frown Upside Down

We’ve all been through some terrible times as golfers, and our enjoyment for the game seems to disappear. Here are four ideas that I think can cure your mailaise:

Stop Keeping Score

My fixation on my scores has bordered on obsessive over the years. If I wasn’t on track to shoot my target score by hole 5 I felt like my day was ruined. I know I am not alone on this one.

Here’s an idea. Put down the pencil, and just go out and play. Forget about your score, and just try to hit some good shots, and enjoy yourself. You will be amazed what golf can feel like when you don’t care about your score. Maybe if you learn that feeling, you can start translating it into your game!

Read some books

I’ve always loved to read since I was a little kid, and have read a number of books that have helped me with the mental side of golf. There are some amazing authors out there that can help provide perspective on the game, and hopefully recharge your mental batteries.

Check out my list of 10 books all golfers should read.

One of my favorites is Dr. Bob Rotella. He has written a number of books that are easy to read, and provide some amazing insight. I suggest starting with this one.

and of course, don't forget my book!

Take a Break

I know this one is crazy, and unfathomable for some of us. When I was about 21 years old I flat out did not like golf anymore. My days as a completive golfer had come to an end since I was done with school, and I really lost my desire to play.

I stopped playing for about 6-12 months, and really didn't think about the game at all. When I decided it was time to come back I felt a new appreciation for the game. It was almost like I had hit the reset button.

Your break doesn't have to be as long as mine was, but even Tour players take 6-8 week breaks where they don't even touch a club.

Golf can burn you out. Taking a step back is sometimes more effective than trying to work your way through a rough patch.

Smell the roses

Playing golf is a privilege. Every time we are out on the golf course is really a gift. You only have to turn the news on for about 90 seconds to realize that if you can spend 4-5 hours of your day chasing a small white ball around in nature, then things can't be that bad.

It's just a game. I know better than anyone how important it can feel. If you can accept that there are much bigger things to be worried about than why you keep hooking your drives, you can turn that frown...upside down.

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