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Why Practice Games Are the Key to Confident Golf


This is a guest post by Matthew Cooke from Game Like Training Confidence is the most important thing in golf, and we’re all constantly searching for more of it. Having belief that we can execute shots on the course is invaluable. But how do we get more of it? I ...

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If It’s Not Fun, Why Play?


One of the main reasons I started Practical Golf was so that I could do my part to help all of you enjoy the game more. I myself have struggled mightily at times with having fun during my rounds, and after almost 20 years it finally hit me over the ...

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5 Things You Can Learn From the U.S. Open


U.S. Opens are always the most difficult test in golf, and it’s gut wrenching to watch the best players in the world deal with the treacherous conditions every year. While this year’s tournament at Oakmont was not as difficult as they would have liked (notice how I am not using ...

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Swing Transition: To Pause, or Not to Pause?

golf swing transition pause

There is no right way to swing a golf club. Every golfer is unique, and I’ve always believed that each swing is like a fingerprint. That being said, there are certain fundamentals that can be met in order to make it easier to hit more golf shots in the direction you ...

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The Greatest Tool for a Golfer…Adaptability

my brain is dead

This is a guest post by Adam Young, author of the bestselling book The Practice Manual Every golfer is chasing consistency. Yet, one of the most vital components of consistency may not be what you think – it may even be completely counter to what you think. Adaptability. Evolution is ...

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How to Deal With a Case of the Shanks

How to deal with the shanks

I debated whether or not to post this article because that terrible five-letter work sends shivers down my spine. The shank is probably the scariest shot out there for any golfer. It can appear at any time, and completely debilitate a player. That being said, I think it’s good to get ...

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