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Titleist C16 Review: Can a $1000 Driver Make a Difference?

Titleist C16 Review

Every few months we are promised by the big manufacturers that this time they have figured it out, and the latest driver is their biggest technological breakthrough. Since the driver is the most expensive club in the bag, and feeds the hunger of a distance-crazed golf culture, the new club ...

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Snell Golf Review: Save Money Without Sacrificing Performance

Snell My Tour Ball Review

Marketing can be a powerful tool in any industry. If you build up your brand equity it can greatly influence purchasing decisions by consumers, even if there isn’t much disparity in the quality of your product relative to your competition. Take the water industry for example. They are selling the ...

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How to Effectively Warm Up Before Your Round of Golf

golf warm up

Do you remember in gym class when you had to spend the first 10 minutes doing those annoying stretches where you bent over and touched your toes for 30 seconds? Well it turns out that it might have been a complete waste of time, and didn’t do anything to prevent ...

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Golf is Easier Said Than Done

Untitled design (94)

Sometimes I like to take a step back from my articles, and give a little perspective. What I’d like to discuss briefly is how you go about consuming golf advice from my site, or any others places out there. There’s really one basic concept I want to get across, and ...

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Sundog Eyewear Review: A Great Value for Your Eyes

Sundog Sunglasses Review

Sunglasses are extremely important to me on the golf course. I have an issue with glare, so I wear them pretty much every time I play, whether it’s cloudy or sunny. I wanted to find a pair that was more specific to golf, and this year I’ve been wearing a ...

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The Ultimate Practice Game…for Your Short Game


I’ve got some interesting stuff coming down the line for Practical Golf, and a lot of it is going to be focused on how golfers can practice more effectively. There are two things that are missing from most golfers’ practice routines: Fun Focus That is why playing games are such ...

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How to Prepare for Your Next Golf Lesson

How to prepare for golf lesson

This is a guest post by Nick Banks “What’s your teaching philosophy?” Someone once asked me this question, which was subtly referencing the plethora of styles that teachers employ. I simply replied: “To make somebody a better golfer than what they were before they came to me.” The relationship between ...

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